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5 Seaweed Products Processed by Seaweed Producers

Seaweed producers can be found in several countries particularly Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and China.  The sea plant usually harvested in the sea or coastal area or cultivated in the seaweed farms. Seaweed is no longer limited product available only in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, or China but now they are sold and distributed worldwide. In fact, seaweed becomes one of the most important and larger aquamarine commodity in the export import industry. Seaweed processed for wide variety of products including foods, fertilizer, medicines both herbal and modern, beauty products, and many more. Learn what kind of seaweed products processed by seaweed producers here!

Seaweed products processed by seaweed producers
Seaweed producers processed the seaweeds for various products mainly for food source, but they can be made into other necessity. Sometimes the producers or manufacturers distributed and export raw seaweeds as well to various countries which do not have an access for fresh raw seaweeds.
Now, it is important to understand more about what kind of different products seaweeds are processed into such as:
1.      Food
It has been centuries seaweeds become a part to make traditional Asian dishes such as seaweed soups. Nowadays, seaweeds are processed into a lot of food products, for example nori seaweed which used to wrap sushi roll or onigiri (rice balls), but now they are being seasoned and then sold as crunchy snack with additional flavors. Of course the original one is the best one which made with only seaweed, salt, and oil. Another product is carrageenan extracted from red alga which used as thickening agent to make ice cream, agar-agar, pudding, chocolate milk, and many more. In addition, both brown and red seaweeds are used to process bakery products, salad dressings, dairy products, candies, and so on. In conclusion, seaweeds are not only produced as seafood, but also for other dishes.
2.      Pharmaceutical
It has been centuries that seaweeds used as traditional medicines or herbs thanks to the nutrition content in the seaweeds like iodine and antioxidant properties as well as other minerals and vitamins that give healthy benefits for body while also treated certain diseases. Furthermore, both algins and carrageenan are used as emulsifiers, stabilizers, and binders or for creating molds. Even the dental industry use seaweeds for molding preparations. Seaweeds can be used to treat wound and to cure illnesses including cough, digestion problems like diarrhea and constipation, and many more.
3.      Beauty products
Seaweed producers also made the seaweeds as a part of beauty products ingredient. Seaweeds can be used as skin care for example the whole seaweed can be milled and then add to the bath water to make the skin smoother. Moreover, seaweed paste or crushed seaweed is added to wide variety of facial creams, facial mask, body creams and gels, shampoos, and many more. Carrageenans are used for shampoos, toothpastes, skin cleaners, shaving products, and hair conditioners. Meanwhile, alginate is added into many beauty products like cosmetics.
4.      Fertilizer
Seaweed can be processed into fertilizer and then applied to the garden soil. The sea plants can also being made into seaweed extract or fertilizer meal after being dried and grounded. Liquid fertilizer is one of the most common seaweed fertilizer products which can be used for both commercial and home gardens. The seaweed extract contains nutrition such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen which useful for plant’s growth and thus they are great to be used.
5.      Science
Seaweed has playing important role for science industry and for example, agar that derived from some red algae cell walls has been used for bacteriological investigation since 1990. In more details, the bacterial are plated onto agar preparations in the test tubes or petri dishes and then studied for science matter.
Last but not least, seaweed producers often use seaweeds as industrial products. They can be presented in wide range of products such as dyes, paints, pigments, and other finishes. They can even being used in fiber manufacturer including filters, papers, textiles, and cardboard.
Seaweeds are really important sea plant which provides a lot of benefits for human uses and seaweed producers make sure to bring seaweed as the best quality products that sold worldwide so people can experience the advantages of seaweeds.

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