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6 Benefits of Dried Seaweed for Healthy Body

Benefits of dried seaweed are the reason of why you should eat this wonderful sea vegetable. Even if you are never tried dried seaweed but probably you already seen them sold as kelp or nori. They can be eaten alone as healthy snacks or you can eat them together with steamed rice or roll into sushi or onigiri. Dried seaweed which usually sold as snacks comes in wide variety of seasonings and packaged as crackers. But, they are still provides a lot of benefits comes in the high nutrition of minerals and vitamins. Here are the benefits of eating dried seaweed you may not know yet.
6 benefits of dried seaweed eating
1.      Dried seaweed is good source of dietary iodine
Iodine deficiency can cause several dangerous illnesses such as hypothyroidism, mental retardation in infant, and even according to American Thyroid Association, it can cause thyroid gland enlargement. Fortunately, some study conducted by JDFA (Journal of Food and Drug Analysis) mentioned benefits of dried seaweed like nori is a good source of dietary iodine since the seaweed accumulated significant amount of iodine from sea waters. Moreover, according to Thyroid Association, iodine contained in the seaweed is among the highest in the world. Various researches showing that nori contains about 29.3e45.8 mg/kg of iodine.
2.      High in B vitamins
According to JFDA, nori seaweed contains high amount of vitamin B12 and in fact, they mentioned that nori is the best source to get vitamin B12 intake particularly for vegetarians. Other studies also showed that per 100 grams of dried seaweed contains around 54.5 to 58.6 micrograms of vitamin B12. Moreover, they also use people who have vitamin B12 deficient as research subjects then the people feed on nori dietary. The status result improved substantially after the subjects eat nori for some time. Furthermore, the studies found that vitamin B12 in nori contains hydroxobalamin, cyanobalamin, methylcobalamin, adenosylbalamin, and sulfitobalamin coenzymes which are good vitamin B12 active compounds.
3.      High in both minerals and trace minerals
It is not a secret anymore that the healthy benefits of dried seaweed come in the high quality of both minerals and trace minerals. Some studies showed that dried seaweed like nori provides large amount of trace minerals such as manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, and iron and these minerals have antioxidant properties advantages. Copper, zinc, and selenium fight and destroy against free radical via enzyme system and in addition, zinc help to improve immune system of body. For your information, less amount of zinc in our body linked to difficult healing, weak immune system, and taste acuity lost and thus our body really needs this mineral.
4.      High in unsaturated fatty acids
Nori is rich in unsaturated fatty acids with more than ten percents of total fatty acids making it a good source for you who want to get unsaturated fatty acids intake. Moreover, according some studies the EPA provided by the fatty acids in the nori accounted almost fifty percents of total amounts. EPA is good for brain development, and nori contains high levels of choline and inositol which bring important roles not only for brain cells, but also to support our body so it can conduct bio-avail.
5.      Dried seaweed has anti-carcinogen properties
Benefits of dried seaweed snacks confirmed by some scientists who found out that chemical compounds in the nori contain anti-carcinogenic properties. And even other researches mentioned that dietary plan mixed with nori can prevent carcinogenesis.
6.      High in amino acids
Seaweed contains essential amino acids content like arginine, glycine, alanine, leucine, aspartic acid, histidine, glutamic acid, isoleucine, and lysine. All those amino acids compounds have important roles for human health. Some benefits provided by amino acids are control blood cholesterols and enhance muscle building.
The benefits of dried seaweed are the reason of why you should mixed nori or kelp in your diet. It is a food source that high in nutrition but low in calories. Above healthy advantages are just examples of many seaweed benefits, there are still some. Dried seaweed can also improve and maintain healthy heart and it also have detox properties. Not to mention, eating seaweed can help your digestive problem because seaweed is high in fibre because it can increase good bacteria in the gut. Hope all these information help you understand more about the benefits of dried seaweed.

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