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Fresh Seaweed Suppliers Online and Offline

Maybe you are wonder where to find fresh seaweed suppliers since seaweed retailers are really rare and unless you live in coastal area, it is going to be difficult to find fresh and raw seaweeds. Seaweed is an exotic ocean plant with wide variety of types plus they can be used for many things and only for human foods. Seaweed is cherished by many people all around the world due to the high nutrition contents provide health benefits and how they can be used for various things including fertilizer, pet foods, medicines and traditional herbs, and so on. Nowadays, getting fresh seaweeds are easier thanks to the modern day so you can able to order them both offline and online.

Where to source edible seaweeds from fresh seaweed suppliers?
Now you can enjoy using fresh seaweeds from fresh seaweeds suppliers for many things easily. Countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, and other Asian countries are ready to ship and deliver to you fresh and raw seaweeds right in front of your door. There are seaweeds producers that produce tons of fresh seaweeds each year sourced from both wild caught and seaweed farms. This is mean that get fresh seaweeds are getting easier thanks to the high tech available to maintain the freshness of seaweeds product.
Offline versus online fresh seaweed suppliers
You can get fresh seaweeds with many ways; the first one is by purchasing fresh seaweeds at local grocery stores since they also provide you with edible fresh seaweeds ready to be cooked into various dishes. Of course if you live near coastal area, the chance to get fresh seaweeds are higher, but if you are live far away from those area, you can always try to find fresh seaweeds at local grocery stores. You can ask the staff when they get the stock to ensure that you get the freshest seaweed available. You just need to be smart when buying seaweeds offline by asking several questions to the market staff.
Online buying is the easiest solution to have when you do not have an access for fresh seaweed locally. There are things you need to do when order seaweed from online fresh seaweed suppliers. First thing first is that you should make sure that they sourced their seaweeds with sustainable methods. Do not be worried if they offer seaweeds from seaweed farms because most of the seaweed sold in the domestic and international markets are mostly taken from seaweed farm because wild caught seaweed cannot longer meet market demand because they are limited.
Second, you also need to ask how they will deliver the seaweeds. Usually the fresh seaweed suppliers able to deliver to various places and countries by frozen the seaweeds first to keep the product stay fresh when arrive at your place. After that, you can unfreeze the seaweeds later. Do not forget to ask for the shipping cost as well especially when you use overnight shipping. Moreover, it is will be so helpful to determine the quality of fresh seaweed suppliers if the suppliers can send you their seaweed sample so you can see whether they have good quality of seaweed product.
Why seaweeds?
 If you ask why seaweed is getting more and more popular nowadays not only in some seaweed lover countries such as Japan and Korea then it is because seaweed provides many benefits. First, seaweed contains many nutrients which useful to support overall body system like the minerals, protein, and vitamins. Seaweed even used for centuries as traditional herbs or medicines to deal with certain diseases/ illnesses. Second, seaweeds can be used for various things not only for human foods; you can even buy fresh seaweed and then soak yourself in a bathtub full of fresh seaweed to take care your skin beauty.
Fresh seaweed can also be used for fertilizers. You can soak the seaweeds in water and then wait for several days to get seaweed extract. After that, spray the seaweed extract to the land soil to make it fertile and thanks to the numerous nutrients contained in the seaweeds which are going to be really useful for the land to grow healthier. That’s why; you need to order fresh seaweed suppliers now to get your hands on high quality of seaweeds.

10 Seaweed Benefits for Human Body Health

Variety of seaweed benefits can be experienced thanks to the high nutrition contents in this sea vegetable. Seaweed has numerous health benefits for human body including cholesterol lowering effects, digestive health, and weight loss. With small amount of seaweed such as nori, you can get vitamins and minerals intake. If you want to know more about seaweed advantages for body health then read for more information below.

Top 10 seaweed benefits for human body health
Here are 10 seaweed benefits for human health which you can experience when consumed or used.
1.      It helps to improve thyroid functioning
Selenium and iodine contents in the seaweed is a perfect minerals to improve thyroid functioning. So for those who suffer from hypothyroidism, it is a great choice to have. You can regularly take seaweed food as part of your healthy diet.
2.      It helps to improve healthy digestion
Seaweed high in fibers and thus it can help to improve digestion. Moreover, it also provide not only fiber, but also enough protein which keep you full for extended amount of time so it helps to cut down accumulated fat. It helps to treat overeating and constipation as well.
3.      It can improve fertility in both men and women
Wide variety of seaweed when consumed can help to improve fertility in women thanks to the high nutrition contents such as selenium, iodine, zinc, and magnesium. But, in fact, seaweed is not only boosting fertility in women, but it can also help to enhance the quality of semen in men.
4.      Help weight loss
One type of seaweed like brown seaweeds can help to cut down accumulated fats and they can improve liver health and function. The high amount of iodine content provides some healthy support for thyroid gland function which in the end enhance metabolism. In conclusion, consume seaweed helps weight loss and prevent cellulite.
5.      Detoxification
Studies showed that regular eating of seaweed can help to remove toxins like lead and cadmium from the body which occur when we inhale cigarette smoke and environment pollution. Seaweed also contains some elements that help to wash off heavy metal trace in human body. This is a wonderful seaweed benefits for health.
6.      Tonic
Seaweed consumed as soups and drinks can work as tonics and they can help you feeling better when you ills. Kelp drink, for example, helps you to reduce phlegm and frequent urinary flow.
7.      Treatments for some diseases
Consuming seaweeds can help to improve brain function and development, detoxification of human body just like we already mentioned before, plus it helps to prevent osteoporosis. Furthermore, it improves healthy digestion, prevent goiter, and maintain healthy glands while improve the functions.
8.      Benefits for skins
Seaweed benefits for skins come from the high minerals content including magnesium, calcium, and fluorine. It also helps to improve skin complexion and makes it appear radiant, healthier, and nourished. The minerals prevent the skins to dry or oilier and it boosts moisture for the skins.
9.      Killing cancer cells
Eating seaweeds can help to treat certain cancer since the fucoidans is some compound that helps to kill cancer cells but it will not harm your health. Many studies also showing that wide range of seaweed types can improve immune system and help in treating lymphoma. In the end, it can prevent the occurrences of cancer as well.
10.  Antibacterial properties to treat acnes
Red seaweed benefits for skins come from the antibacterial content which can help treat pimples and acnes. When applied topically, the seaweed will help to balance the oil secretion while extracting toxins from the skin. That’s why, they can help to clean the pores and provide you with necessary nutrients to promote healthy and face free from acnes.
Input dietary plan full of seaweed which rich in minerals and vitamins seriously will provide you with many healthy benefits. You can cook the seaweeds as part of your salads or soups, but you can also eating them as dried seaweed/ nori sheets. There are many ways to use seaweeds and add them into your diet, you can make sushi roll with them or you can simply fill the sandwich with the nori. Or you can enjoy seaweed benefits by adding them into your pizza, potatoes, stews, pastas, or casseroles.

5 Seaweed Products Processed by Seaweed Producers

Seaweed producers can be found in several countries particularly Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and China.  The sea plant usually harvested in the sea or coastal area or cultivated in the seaweed farms. Seaweed is no longer limited product available only in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, or China but now they are sold and distributed worldwide. In fact, seaweed becomes one of the most important and larger aquamarine commodity in the export import industry. Seaweed processed for wide variety of products including foods, fertilizer, medicines both herbal and modern, beauty products, and many more. Learn what kind of seaweed products processed by seaweed producers here!

Seaweed products processed by seaweed producers
Seaweed producers processed the seaweeds for various products mainly for food source, but they can be made into other necessity. Sometimes the producers or manufacturers distributed and export raw seaweeds as well to various countries which do not have an access for fresh raw seaweeds.
Now, it is important to understand more about what kind of different products seaweeds are processed into such as:
1.      Food
It has been centuries seaweeds become a part to make traditional Asian dishes such as seaweed soups. Nowadays, seaweeds are processed into a lot of food products, for example nori seaweed which used to wrap sushi roll or onigiri (rice balls), but now they are being seasoned and then sold as crunchy snack with additional flavors. Of course the original one is the best one which made with only seaweed, salt, and oil. Another product is carrageenan extracted from red alga which used as thickening agent to make ice cream, agar-agar, pudding, chocolate milk, and many more. In addition, both brown and red seaweeds are used to process bakery products, salad dressings, dairy products, candies, and so on. In conclusion, seaweeds are not only produced as seafood, but also for other dishes.
2.      Pharmaceutical
It has been centuries that seaweeds used as traditional medicines or herbs thanks to the nutrition content in the seaweeds like iodine and antioxidant properties as well as other minerals and vitamins that give healthy benefits for body while also treated certain diseases. Furthermore, both algins and carrageenan are used as emulsifiers, stabilizers, and binders or for creating molds. Even the dental industry use seaweeds for molding preparations. Seaweeds can be used to treat wound and to cure illnesses including cough, digestion problems like diarrhea and constipation, and many more.
3.      Beauty products
Seaweed producers also made the seaweeds as a part of beauty products ingredient. Seaweeds can be used as skin care for example the whole seaweed can be milled and then add to the bath water to make the skin smoother. Moreover, seaweed paste or crushed seaweed is added to wide variety of facial creams, facial mask, body creams and gels, shampoos, and many more. Carrageenans are used for shampoos, toothpastes, skin cleaners, shaving products, and hair conditioners. Meanwhile, alginate is added into many beauty products like cosmetics.
4.      Fertilizer
Seaweed can be processed into fertilizer and then applied to the garden soil. The sea plants can also being made into seaweed extract or fertilizer meal after being dried and grounded. Liquid fertilizer is one of the most common seaweed fertilizer products which can be used for both commercial and home gardens. The seaweed extract contains nutrition such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen which useful for plant’s growth and thus they are great to be used.
5.      Science
Seaweed has playing important role for science industry and for example, agar that derived from some red algae cell walls has been used for bacteriological investigation since 1990. In more details, the bacterial are plated onto agar preparations in the test tubes or petri dishes and then studied for science matter.
Last but not least, seaweed producers often use seaweeds as industrial products. They can be presented in wide range of products such as dyes, paints, pigments, and other finishes. They can even being used in fiber manufacturer including filters, papers, textiles, and cardboard.
Seaweeds are really important sea plant which provides a lot of benefits for human uses and seaweed producers make sure to bring seaweed as the best quality products that sold worldwide so people can experience the advantages of seaweeds.

Finding Trusted Frozen Seaweed Suppliers

Frozen seaweed suppliers will help you to get the best quality of seaweed products either in raw, precooked, and cooked conditions. Seaweeds are the most important aquamarine trade products along with fish and shrimp. There are sold globally and distributed to various countries such as Japan, Korea, China, United States, Australia, Europe countries, and many more. Seaweeds can be used for wide varieties of cases including human foods, pet foods, fertilizers, sciences, industries products, medicines, beauty products, and so on. This is why many industries all over the world require seaweeds because the seaweed benefits that provided by this amazing sea vegetable in almost every day life.

Where you can find frozen seaweed suppliers?
Seaweed can be gained in both fresh and frozen states, however high quality frozen seaweed suppliers usually deliver their seaweeds after being frozen to maintain the freshness so they can stay fresh for longer time. Fresh seaweeds can be purchased when you live near coastal or ocean areas, because if the seaweeds are needed to be delivered to different areas and it requires long time to arrive then most of the suppliers will simply froze the seaweeds. In the end, all of the seaweeds which you purchase in grocery stores are mostly frozen or at least previously frozen.
To find good seaweed suppliers are so easy since many countries produce seaweeds each year in metric tons due to the market demand. There are two things you should know regarding trusted frozen seaweed suppliers: the first one is suppliers that sourced their seaweeds from wild caught method and the second one is suppliers who gained their seaweeds from seaweed farm.
Wild caught seaweeds are better than seaweed harvested with farming method, however they are difficult to be found since their availability are limited. Most of seaweeds in the industry are taken from seaweed farms because the wild caught seaweeds cannot longer supply enough stock for international market. In the end, you will end up getting seaweeds from seaweed farms and do not worry about the qualities because they can be as good as wild caught seaweeds.
You can find frozen seaweed suppliers and exporters from Asian countries like Indonesia because they are one of the largest seaweed producers in the world. There are many small seaweed farmers who like to deliver their seaweeds products to seaweed suppliers and manufacturers that help them to distribute their seaweeds for various countries. Indonesia is the leading seaweed producer which supplies various types of seaweeds to top importers such as America, Australia, Europe countries, and other Asian countries. You can trust your seaweed stocks by order them from Indonesian frozen seaweed suppliers.
Start your searching by observe people’s recommendation both online and offline. You can send your quotation after you finding seaweed suppliers that look promising. Ask them not only about the price or the types of seaweed they produce, but also for their terms and conditions regarding the delivery order, storage, tax, shipping cost, discount, and many more. It is important to ask them about seaweed sustainability and safety as well.
If you want to purchase from Indonesia seaweed suppliers then they can send you various seaweed types including Eucheuma cottoni and Eucheuma spinosum as well as Carrageenan extracted from red algae. These three types of seaweeds are mostly produced by Indonesian suppliers and they are also used for various things including thickening agents or agar-agar. Just make sure that your country allows imported products to be delivered from Indonesia. And as for your information countries such as Thailand, India, China, and so on are large seaweed producers also which you can contact.
Frozen versus fresh seaweeds
Of course it is recommended to purchase frozen seaweeds instead because most of seaweeds which you find in markets are taken from seaweed farms which frozen immediately after harvesting to keep the freshness. Previously frozen seaweeds that you always see displayed on the grocery market shelf will not be as good as frozen seaweeds because you cannot guarantee how long already the seaweeds are displayed on that shelf by the staff. So, it is better to just take the frozen seaweeds. The same case goes when you order from frozen seaweed suppliers who will deliver you the seaweeds in the frozen condition especially if you want to go with overnight shipping, it required to maintain the seaweeds fresh as long as possible.

Seaweed Suppliers Tips How to Find the Best One

Seaweed suppliers can be accessed from many ways including exporters, seaweed farmers, seaweed manufacturers, seaweed distributors, and many more. Finding the best seaweed supplier is quite challenging since you need to get some guarantee that the supplier can deliver you with not only the best products but also best services, terms, and prices. Seaweed has been known to be one of the most important marine products in the world and they are produced tons each year through either caught wildly from the ocean or harvested from seaweed farms. If you want to know more about suppliers seaweed then read the info below.
Find your best seaweed suppliers
There are certain things that you need to understand and consider before making some move to get seaweed suppliers. First of all, seaweeds farm producers mostly found in Asian countries particularly Indonesia, Thailand, India, and so on. Selling seaweed as food sources is a big business and if you want to get the best seaweed suppliers with reasonable prices then you may need to import some of the species especially if you do not have an access for wild caught seaweeds.
You can purchase seaweeds from local distributors or even from nearest grocery stores, that will be good if you just need small amount of seaweeds, however if you want to get larger quantity of seaweed then buying them from the first hand will save you more money than buying from distributors. The prices will be doubled and go higher.
Here are some things you can do to find the best quality seaweed suppliers such as:
1.      You may want to try to find seaweed farmers first to get your hands of seaweed products directly from the first hand. If you cannot have an access for that then it is okay because you can start to import seaweeds from countries that produce seaweeds in tons each year.
2.      You can start to search seaweed suppliers online via internet by googling them. There are a lot of suppliers who willing to export seaweeds worldwide, just make sure that your country permits you to import products from certain exporters.
3.      Look for the testimonies and customer reviews before you decide to ask and buy from the seaweed suppliers. You can even get some recommendations from online forums like business restaurant forums, chef forums, and such. Having experts who can tell you where to buy is better and can be trusted more than you try to find it on your own.
4.      Ask the prices and get some discount. You can ask the list of the price from the seaweed suppliers. Some of the suppliers willing to give you discount price if you purchase certain amount from them. You can also find some coupons to get a discount. Furthermore, do not forget to ask for shipping cost because it can increase the total cost you must pay especially if you want to seaweed products delivered overnight.
5.      Do not forget to ask the delivery terms and conditions as well as the methods they deliver the products. You want to make sure that the seaweeds come right in front of your door still in their best condition and thus make sure that the suppliers use proper methods to deliver your order.
Since seaweed comes in wide range of products and even species. You should tell them the detail of what kind of seaweed products you want to order. Ask them how they sourced the seaweeds and what kind of seaweed species they offered to the customers.

Some notes that maybe will help you to purchase the best seaweed products particularly if you just need small quantity of seaweeds. If you cannot buy fresh wildly caught seaweeds in market, then it is better to buy frozen seaweeds. Fresh frozen that displayed on the shelf is mostly previously frozen and you do not know how long the seller already place that on the shelf. So buying frozen seaweed from seaweed suppliers is the right choice to do and it also guarantee you to get better fresh frozen seaweeds. Of course you also need to ask the suppliers when they get the seaweeds. Hope this information help you understand more about how to find the best suppliers to buy seaweeds.

6 Benefits of Dried Seaweed for Healthy Body

Benefits of dried seaweed are the reason of why you should eat this wonderful sea vegetable. Even if you are never tried dried seaweed but probably you already seen them sold as kelp or nori. They can be eaten alone as healthy snacks or you can eat them together with steamed rice or roll into sushi or onigiri. Dried seaweed which usually sold as snacks comes in wide variety of seasonings and packaged as crackers. But, they are still provides a lot of benefits comes in the high nutrition of minerals and vitamins. Here are the benefits of eating dried seaweed you may not know yet.
6 benefits of dried seaweed eating
1.      Dried seaweed is good source of dietary iodine
Iodine deficiency can cause several dangerous illnesses such as hypothyroidism, mental retardation in infant, and even according to American Thyroid Association, it can cause thyroid gland enlargement. Fortunately, some study conducted by JDFA (Journal of Food and Drug Analysis) mentioned benefits of dried seaweed like nori is a good source of dietary iodine since the seaweed accumulated significant amount of iodine from sea waters. Moreover, according to Thyroid Association, iodine contained in the seaweed is among the highest in the world. Various researches showing that nori contains about 29.3e45.8 mg/kg of iodine.
2.      High in B vitamins
According to JFDA, nori seaweed contains high amount of vitamin B12 and in fact, they mentioned that nori is the best source to get vitamin B12 intake particularly for vegetarians. Other studies also showed that per 100 grams of dried seaweed contains around 54.5 to 58.6 micrograms of vitamin B12. Moreover, they also use people who have vitamin B12 deficient as research subjects then the people feed on nori dietary. The status result improved substantially after the subjects eat nori for some time. Furthermore, the studies found that vitamin B12 in nori contains hydroxobalamin, cyanobalamin, methylcobalamin, adenosylbalamin, and sulfitobalamin coenzymes which are good vitamin B12 active compounds.
3.      High in both minerals and trace minerals
It is not a secret anymore that the healthy benefits of dried seaweed come in the high quality of both minerals and trace minerals. Some studies showed that dried seaweed like nori provides large amount of trace minerals such as manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, and iron and these minerals have antioxidant properties advantages. Copper, zinc, and selenium fight and destroy against free radical via enzyme system and in addition, zinc help to improve immune system of body. For your information, less amount of zinc in our body linked to difficult healing, weak immune system, and taste acuity lost and thus our body really needs this mineral.
4.      High in unsaturated fatty acids
Nori is rich in unsaturated fatty acids with more than ten percents of total fatty acids making it a good source for you who want to get unsaturated fatty acids intake. Moreover, according some studies the EPA provided by the fatty acids in the nori accounted almost fifty percents of total amounts. EPA is good for brain development, and nori contains high levels of choline and inositol which bring important roles not only for brain cells, but also to support our body so it can conduct bio-avail.
5.      Dried seaweed has anti-carcinogen properties
Benefits of dried seaweed snacks confirmed by some scientists who found out that chemical compounds in the nori contain anti-carcinogenic properties. And even other researches mentioned that dietary plan mixed with nori can prevent carcinogenesis.
6.      High in amino acids
Seaweed contains essential amino acids content like arginine, glycine, alanine, leucine, aspartic acid, histidine, glutamic acid, isoleucine, and lysine. All those amino acids compounds have important roles for human health. Some benefits provided by amino acids are control blood cholesterols and enhance muscle building.
The benefits of dried seaweed are the reason of why you should mixed nori or kelp in your diet. It is a food source that high in nutrition but low in calories. Above healthy advantages are just examples of many seaweed benefits, there are still some. Dried seaweed can also improve and maintain healthy heart and it also have detox properties. Not to mention, eating seaweed can help your digestive problem because seaweed is high in fibre because it can increase good bacteria in the gut. Hope all these information help you understand more about the benefits of dried seaweed.

Wasabi Seaweed Roasted Snacks with Healthy Nutrition

Maybe you never heard about wasabi seaweed before, but this snack is really tasty and can be eaten with various ways. You can eat the seaweed snack alone to taste the crispy texture without added anything or you can simply break the seaweed and then sprinkle it onto the vegetable salads, perfect for veggies! Seaweed wasabi is just another seaweed snack product which you can find widely at grocery stores. The snack offered in the form of roasted paper like thin seaweed and it is one of the most seaweed products all around the world. So, if you never interested trying any seaweed product then you can start to experience by eat roasted nori wasabi seaweed since it has lighter flavor.
Experience the health benefits of wasabi seaweed
The health benefits of wasabi seaweed can be experienced with regular consumption in moderate amount. If you want to eat different flavor of roasted seaweed than the usual salty nori seaweed then you need to try seaweed snack with additional wasabi seasoning. Seaweed wasabi manufacturer products usually have a wasabi flavor with a bit salty flavor and extra oil as the ingredient.
If you think that eating seaweed does not give you any benefits then you are totally wrong because seaweeds contain numerous healthy nutrients that you maybe never imagine. In fact, it is really recommended that you consume seaweed regularly in any forms such as konbu, kelp, and including roasted seaweed like nori product. You can use the seaweed wasabi nori for certain dishes like using it to wrap sushi roll or onigiri (rice balls).
Never missing out the health benefits of seaweed wasabi because you can get these advantages for both your internal body and skin care such as:
-          Seaweeds contain high level of iodine which is a part of a mineral that useful to improve thyroid system to complete their jobs. It also used to prevent any thyroid diseases or disorder. However, limit your consumption of iodine since too much iodine can lead to opposite effect like thyroid enlargement.
-          High in fiber content is another health advantage of wasabi seaweed nutrition. Fiber and healthy digestive system is always being linked because if your body has enough fiber intakes each day, it can help to improve your digestion work. So, if you suffer from constipation or diarrhea then eating seaweed is not going to be wrong because seaweed wasabi contains high quality of fiber to enhance your digestive system plus prevent any digestive issues.
-          Just like we mentioned before, seaweeds can be used to improve your skin appearance and as a skin care. You can even try to soak your body in waters full of seaweeds, of course you only need to use raw seaweeds and when it comes to wasabi seaweed snacks, you can gain the skin care benefits by consume it. Seaweed wasabi provides high level of antioxidants to fight against free radicals effect and thus it helps to enhance the appearance of your skin health.
-          Eating seaweed is good for your blood pressure thanks to the high iron content provided by this sea vegetable. Iron is what you need to produce red blood cells and people who suffer from anemia need to have enough hemoglobin to prevent anemic symptoms. Seaweed contains enough iron to support the production of red blood cells and it also good to improve body metabolism.
-          Vitamin C in the seaweed wasabi useful to improve immune system so your body free from tiredness and get fresh new energy each day. Vitamin C along with protein will effectively give you healthier body.
-          Seaweeds contain both calcium and magnesium and these two minerals content useful to strengthen the bones and teeth. They will help to prevent osteoporosis when people start aging.
Seaweeds contain other minerals and vitamins like selenium, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin B, and it even contains omega 3 fatty acids to give your DHA which is also good for infant.
There is no need to avoid consume seaweeds especially wasabi seaweed because this snacks are not only bring delicious taste but healthy benefits for your overall body system as well. In addition, it low in calories and bad fats so it support weight loss dietary program and can help your stomach feeling full for longer time than usual.

The Benefits of Roasted Seaweed Nori Sheet

Benefits of roasted seaweed or mostly known as nori is plentiful. You can eat nori as simple and delicious afternoon snacks or you can use it to make sushi. In Japan, the term of nori is used to refer general seaweeds, but now according to Wikipedia, the term of nori used to call specific seaweed species which is Porphyra, cold water red algae seaweed. This nori made by shredding and then drying the seaweed, after that the nori is roasted.

The process itself is similar to the process of making some paper and this is why the end result is a thin like paper with green or black color and the size around 18 to 20 centimeters. The nicest thing about roasted or nori seaweed is that, they produced with few seasonings or extra ingredients. Nori is basically pure seaweed and not much else added beside sea salt and oil. Now, let’s find out the benefits of roasted seaweed.
6 Benefits of roasted seaweed that you may not know yet
You may eat or never eat seaweed, but nori has been centuries eaten by Japanese due to the delicious taste and healthy benefits.
1.      Seaweed is delicious in taste!
Of course we need to talk about the taste of seaweed first because this is important and become the reason of why a lot of people adore seaweed. Nori seaweed can be eaten alone as snacks or you can make it into sushi roll or onigiri sushi. This is not necessary about seaweed healthy benefits, but as a person, you need tasty food source and seaweed is one of them. Both children and adults love to eat nori due to the delicious taste and it is incomparable because the taste is so unique and one of a kind.
2.      Seaweed is rich in vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 helps to support brain function and it also help to form red blood cells. Nori contains high amount of vitamin B12 which can enhance nervous system, one sheet of nori can provide about 1.2 milligrams of vitamin B12. For strict vegetarians, nori is really good food source for vitamin B12 intake.
3.      Seaweed contains fiber and protein
Other benefits of roasted seaweed nori are come from the specific amount of fiber and protein. Although the amounts are not really that high but still it is the fact that roasted seaweed contains a bit of both fiber and protein. Fiber is good to improve digestion while protein is good for many things such as build muscle and great for diet too.
4.      Seaweed high in potassium
Nori is great choice for those who want to get potassium intake since one sheet of nori contains about 50 mg of potassium. Potassium has important roles to lower blood pressure while prevent heart disease and stroke. This is why the benefits of roasted seaweed can be experienced with just eating one sheet of nori. Imagine if you eat more than one nori sheets.
5.      Seaweed is low in calories
You do not need to be worried by eating a lot of nori sheet in your diet because seaweed is low in calories. One sheet of nori contains 5 calories only and it is a great choice when you want to eat some snacks but you worried about the amount of calories.
6.      Seaweed high in iodine
Roasted seaweed or any type of seaweeds is high in iodine and it is one of the best sources of iodine content. Iodine is a mineral which great for your metabolism and can prevent thyroid gland enlargement. It is recommended that you eat one sheet of nori since with just one sheet; you can fulfill around half of the daily recommended intake of iodine which is wow.
Experience the benefits of roasted seaweed is easier nowadays because you can find the snacks in major supermarket. Although, you can also simply go to Japanese restaurant then eat delicious sushi roll or onigiri sushi in that matter. If you want to grab some nori snacks in the supermarket, please read the label carefully just to make sure that the list of extra ingredients are simple and small. Best product should contain sea salt, oil, and seaweed only without extra seasonings. Hope this information help you to know better about roasted seaweed.

Various Seaweed Frozen Products with Healthy Benefits

Seaweed frozen products distributed and sold in the market globally and they are available with wide range of varieties. And just like frozen fish, the seaweed needs to be frozen to keep the freshness so when the seaweeds need to be transfer to various places, they are still fresh and edible. Seaweed is one of the most wonderful sea foods in the world with numerous nutrients including minerals, vitamins, protein, and such. Seaweed is also good to be a part of diet due to the low cholesterol and calories content as well as small amount of carbohydrate. If you want to have amazing vegetable dishes then you should add seaweeds to your recipes.

Seaweed frozen various products
Seaweed frozen products sold in wide range of varieties including frozen seasoned seaweed with additional seasonings to make the taste more flavorful. Another frozen seaweed product like seaweed salads is also offered in the frozen state to maintain its freshness. They can be found in various major supermarket as well as Asian groceries stores. They are usually packaged and sealed tightly thus the salads can last longer for days and even months. You can try to mix the seaweed salads with other ingredients including mix them with other vegetables and eaten as delicious garnish. There are lot of Japanese restaurants served this kind of seaweed salads as appetizer especially a restaurant that served seafood as the main menu.
In addition, most of seaweed contains high nutrients like minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, and many more), vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.), and protein. Seaweeds also high in fiber but low in calories and sugar as well as fats and carbohydrate therefore the sea plant is really great to be eaten as part of your diet.
Here are the seaweed frozen benefits which you can gain by eating the products such as:
-          Helps to improve cardiovascular health thanks to the high iron content.
-          Helps to treat anemia because the iron as well which support red blood cells production.
-          Boosting our energy due to the high protein and vitamin C.
-          Helps digestive system because seaweed frozen nutrition contains high quality of fiber.
-          It enhances healthy skins thanks to the antioxidants which fight free radicals effects.
-          It improves healthy eyes while boosting eyes vision because seaweed provides vitamin A.
-          It enhances immune system due to the high levels of vitamin C and protein.
-          It promotes weight loss because seaweed is a super food that contain low calories, sugars, fats, and carbohydrates so when you consumed it, the seaweed will not add too much calories or fats.
-          It is good for infant when consumed by pregnant women because seaweeds contain DHA sourced from the omega 3 fatty acids.
Most of the seaweed frozen manufacturer products sourced from seaweed farms because nowadays, more than 50 percents of seaweed supplied by farming or cultivating seaweeds. Wild seaweeds are getting rare in these days and since the market demand cannot meet wild seaweeds taken from the sea or coastal areas, a lot of farmers start to cultivate seaweeds in order to supply seaweed demands in the market. The seaweeds can be farmed in ponds or tanks or containers using traditional methods to more modern technologies methods.
How to store seaweed frozen?
Sometime you even need to freeze the seaweeds at home to maintain its freshness especially when you already opened the seaweed packages but you are not use them all. For example, if you purchase packs of nori layers and then you open the packages, you may just need to use small amount of nori to wrap the sushi and thus the leftover nori seaweed needs to be stored in the freezer. You should store the seaweeds to tight package first; you can purchase a zip-lock bag and then keep the seaweed sealed in the bag. After that, you can ready to store them into freezer. Refrigeration is not recommended due to the added moisturizer.
Seaweed frozen is a healthy product which you can found easily worldwide at various supermarket or grocery stores, you can try to mix them into various dishes or just straightly eat them alone as healthy snacks or appetizer before eating the main course.

Seaweed Fresh Consumption and Other Uses

Nowadays seaweed fresh has increased in popularity and they are not only can be used as foods, but also for other uses like medicine, fertilizer/soil, and many more. Maybe dried seaweeds like nori sheet is known better than fresh seaweed since we often seeing nori used to wrap sushi roll or consumed as seaweed snacks. However, seaweeds are not only to wrap sushi anymore because seaweeds continue to gain popularity thanks to the numerous nutrients contained in the sea plant.
If you live near coastal area then it will be easier to harvest wild or natural seaweed fresh rather than buying them from seaweed farms. Seaweed is super plant and although, most people use them as food sources, but you can also use fresh seaweed to certain benefits which we are going to share today.
10 different uses of seaweed fresh
First thing first, you should need to know why seaweeds are getting popular on these days. Seaweeds contain minerals and vitamins including iodine, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, protein, and many more. Due to these nutrients, seaweeds are really good to be consumed especially as part of weight loss diet because seaweed is low in calories and fats. Seaweed is super food with many benefits and for example, the high iodine levels in the seaweed used to treat thyroid problems. Moreover, seaweeds also contain anti-oxidant and high quality of vitamin C plus protein which can enhance immune system.

Now, what are the uses of seaweed fresh?
1.      First of course fresh seaweed can be used as foods. You can make delicious fresh seaweed for vegetable salad recipe. Of course it is easier to use dry seaweed soaked in the water to make it softer rather than harvest fresh seaweed directly out of the waters. However, fresh seaweeds contain no extra ingredients and they are also “fresh” which is good and tastier. Just make sure that you harvest seaweed fresh for salad in clean waters. When you are ready to use them, wash it under running water or if you want to cook them later, put into the fridge so they can last for few days without preservation.
2.      Seaweed can be used as fertilizer or soil plants. It has been known for centuries that seaweed extracts are used to give nutrition for the plants so they can grow healthier, free from diseases and pests, and better end products. You can find manufactured seaweed liquid fertilizers in markets, but you can also make it on your own using fresh seaweed and what you need to do is harvest them and next make into compost tea. To make compost tea, you just need to soak the fresh seaweeds for three days (you can even soak them for a year) in the bucket full of fresh water. After that the seaweed liquid extracts can be sprinkled onto the plants.
3.      Seaweed useful for facial skin care too! You can make a natural masker from seaweed fresh or you can simply rub the seaweed onto your face. Seaweeds contain minerals and vitamins which useful as antioxidants to fight against free radicals. They also beneficial to moist your skins. They believed to make your skins smoother and glowing. Eating seaweeds also help to improve healthy nails and shiny hairs. Nowadays, seaweeds are being used by cosmetic factories to make beauty creams or lotions.
Besides those tree uses of fresh seaweeds, seaweed can also being used for traditional medicines to treat certain diseases. Moreover as the foods, seaweeds are already favorites in many top restaurants. For strict vegetarians, eating seaweeds can be very helpful since they contain plenty of nutrients and really simple to be cooked into salads, soups, stews, and many more.
Seaweed is a fantastic plant that grows in the water. However, you also need to know which seaweed is edible and safe to be consumed. In addition, seaweeds are high in sodium due to the salt water and thus you need to moderate the amount of your consumption when eating seaweeds. Furthermore, too much iodine is not good for your health as well so this is the many reasons of why you need to limit seaweed fresh consumption and other types of seaweed products including the dry one. Hopefully this information help you understand more about fresh seaweed.



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