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The Benefits of Roasted Seaweed Nori Sheet

Benefits of roasted seaweed or mostly known as nori is plentiful. You can eat nori as simple and delicious afternoon snacks or you can use it to make sushi. In Japan, the term of nori is used to refer general seaweeds, but now according to Wikipedia, the term of nori used to call specific seaweed species which is Porphyra, cold water red algae seaweed. This nori made by shredding and then drying the seaweed, after that the nori is roasted.

The process itself is similar to the process of making some paper and this is why the end result is a thin like paper with green or black color and the size around 18 to 20 centimeters. The nicest thing about roasted or nori seaweed is that, they produced with few seasonings or extra ingredients. Nori is basically pure seaweed and not much else added beside sea salt and oil. Now, let’s find out the benefits of roasted seaweed.
6 Benefits of roasted seaweed that you may not know yet
You may eat or never eat seaweed, but nori has been centuries eaten by Japanese due to the delicious taste and healthy benefits.
1.      Seaweed is delicious in taste!
Of course we need to talk about the taste of seaweed first because this is important and become the reason of why a lot of people adore seaweed. Nori seaweed can be eaten alone as snacks or you can make it into sushi roll or onigiri sushi. This is not necessary about seaweed healthy benefits, but as a person, you need tasty food source and seaweed is one of them. Both children and adults love to eat nori due to the delicious taste and it is incomparable because the taste is so unique and one of a kind.
2.      Seaweed is rich in vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 helps to support brain function and it also help to form red blood cells. Nori contains high amount of vitamin B12 which can enhance nervous system, one sheet of nori can provide about 1.2 milligrams of vitamin B12. For strict vegetarians, nori is really good food source for vitamin B12 intake.
3.      Seaweed contains fiber and protein
Other benefits of roasted seaweed nori are come from the specific amount of fiber and protein. Although the amounts are not really that high but still it is the fact that roasted seaweed contains a bit of both fiber and protein. Fiber is good to improve digestion while protein is good for many things such as build muscle and great for diet too.
4.      Seaweed high in potassium
Nori is great choice for those who want to get potassium intake since one sheet of nori contains about 50 mg of potassium. Potassium has important roles to lower blood pressure while prevent heart disease and stroke. This is why the benefits of roasted seaweed can be experienced with just eating one sheet of nori. Imagine if you eat more than one nori sheets.
5.      Seaweed is low in calories
You do not need to be worried by eating a lot of nori sheet in your diet because seaweed is low in calories. One sheet of nori contains 5 calories only and it is a great choice when you want to eat some snacks but you worried about the amount of calories.
6.      Seaweed high in iodine
Roasted seaweed or any type of seaweeds is high in iodine and it is one of the best sources of iodine content. Iodine is a mineral which great for your metabolism and can prevent thyroid gland enlargement. It is recommended that you eat one sheet of nori since with just one sheet; you can fulfill around half of the daily recommended intake of iodine which is wow.
Experience the benefits of roasted seaweed is easier nowadays because you can find the snacks in major supermarket. Although, you can also simply go to Japanese restaurant then eat delicious sushi roll or onigiri sushi in that matter. If you want to grab some nori snacks in the supermarket, please read the label carefully just to make sure that the list of extra ingredients are simple and small. Best product should contain sea salt, oil, and seaweed only without extra seasonings. Hope this information help you to know better about roasted seaweed.

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