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Benefits of Seaweed Dried Brown for Your Healthy Meals

Seaweed dried brown is a type of seaweed product that sold popularly in the market and can be mixed or added to many dishes. There are so many factors that results in the brown color of the seaweed like the xanthophyll pigment fucoxanthin. There are about 1,800 different species of brown seaweeds and in general they can be found in large sizes even larger than red or green algae. Most of brown seaweeds are marine and tons of the seaweeds being cultivated and harvested each year to meet market demand. Some species of brown seaweeds being produced into kelp while other also sold for food production.

Why it is good to add seaweed dried brown to your meal?
Should you take seaweed dried brown into your diet meals? Dried brown seaweed such as wakame become famous in United States and can be found mostly in Asian American grocery stores. Although wakame appears with bright green color, however it is a part of brown seaweed with slippery texture and sweet flavor. The seaweed is cut into small pieces and then dried because it will expand during cooking or when soak it in the water.
Brown seaweed is a common ingredient for many Asian dishes or recipes. You can eat the seaweed raw, cooked, and pickled. Raw and pickled brown seaweeds have crunchy and crispy texture especially when dried, but become softer and when cooked. The brown seaweed can be added into miso soup or mixed into seaweed salad. By adding seaweed dried brown into certain dishes, it can bring out natural flavor of other ingredients and make them tastier.
What are the nutritional benefits of seaweed dried brown? You will be able to learn the advantages of eating brown seaweed here such as:
1.      Support weight loss
Brown seaweed might be useful for those who have obese or overweight because the nutrition in brown seaweed support weight loss thanks to the high protein, fiber, and low in calories plus fats. Eating seaweed will not add too many fats or carbohydrate in your body, meanwhile the fiber and protein also help to make you feeling full and thus decrease your appetite. The protein helps to burn energy efficiency.
2.      Enhance immune system
Brown seaweed rich in vitamin C and you probably already know that this kind of vitamin useful to improve immune system. Our body needs around 65 to 90 mg of vitamin C each day and seaweed has more level of vitamin C than oranges! If your immune system gets stronger meaning that your body can fight against certain disease risks effectively.
3.      Improve thyroid function
The best thing about eating seaweed dried brown is that, it helps to improve thyroid function. The high level of iodine in the seaweed brown can support healthy thyroid function properly, but eating too much iodine is not good either for your body and thus you need to eat seaweed in moderate amount.
4.      Fight free radicals
Seaweed contains antioxidant properties which useful to fight against free radicals effects which can lead to certain diseases including cancers. Antioxidant protects every cell in your body from damages caused by free radicals as well as other environmental stress.
5.      Strengthen bones and teeth
Seaweed contains high calcium and magnesium which is good to maintain healthy bones and teeth. For those who suffer from osteoporosis or want to prevent that happen then you can start to consume seaweed which high in these two important minerals.
There are still so many healthy benefits provided by seaweed dried brown nutritional values such as vitamin A that good to support healthy eyes and iron to support red blood cell production, and many more.
However, do not eating too much brown seaweed because you need to limit your daily consumption of iodine. Overeating iodine will cause several negative effects such as sudden weight loss, heartbeat, etc.
You can add seaweed dried brown into your diet by incorporating it into your vegetable salads, soups, and other dishes. Seaweeds are good for people who want to lose some weight or those who want to keep ideal body shape. You can also find many brown seaweed supplements at many health stores. But, ask the expert before consume the supplements during your routine.

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