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Seaweed Fresh Consumption and Other Uses

Nowadays seaweed fresh has increased in popularity and they are not only can be used as foods, but also for other uses like medicine, fertilizer/soil, and many more. Maybe dried seaweeds like nori sheet is known better than fresh seaweed since we often seeing nori used to wrap sushi roll or consumed as seaweed snacks. However, seaweeds are not only to wrap sushi anymore because seaweeds continue to gain popularity thanks to the numerous nutrients contained in the sea plant.
If you live near coastal area then it will be easier to harvest wild or natural seaweed fresh rather than buying them from seaweed farms. Seaweed is super plant and although, most people use them as food sources, but you can also use fresh seaweed to certain benefits which we are going to share today.
10 different uses of seaweed fresh
First thing first, you should need to know why seaweeds are getting popular on these days. Seaweeds contain minerals and vitamins including iodine, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, protein, and many more. Due to these nutrients, seaweeds are really good to be consumed especially as part of weight loss diet because seaweed is low in calories and fats. Seaweed is super food with many benefits and for example, the high iodine levels in the seaweed used to treat thyroid problems. Moreover, seaweeds also contain anti-oxidant and high quality of vitamin C plus protein which can enhance immune system.

Now, what are the uses of seaweed fresh?
1.      First of course fresh seaweed can be used as foods. You can make delicious fresh seaweed for vegetable salad recipe. Of course it is easier to use dry seaweed soaked in the water to make it softer rather than harvest fresh seaweed directly out of the waters. However, fresh seaweeds contain no extra ingredients and they are also “fresh” which is good and tastier. Just make sure that you harvest seaweed fresh for salad in clean waters. When you are ready to use them, wash it under running water or if you want to cook them later, put into the fridge so they can last for few days without preservation.
2.      Seaweed can be used as fertilizer or soil plants. It has been known for centuries that seaweed extracts are used to give nutrition for the plants so they can grow healthier, free from diseases and pests, and better end products. You can find manufactured seaweed liquid fertilizers in markets, but you can also make it on your own using fresh seaweed and what you need to do is harvest them and next make into compost tea. To make compost tea, you just need to soak the fresh seaweeds for three days (you can even soak them for a year) in the bucket full of fresh water. After that the seaweed liquid extracts can be sprinkled onto the plants.
3.      Seaweed useful for facial skin care too! You can make a natural masker from seaweed fresh or you can simply rub the seaweed onto your face. Seaweeds contain minerals and vitamins which useful as antioxidants to fight against free radicals. They also beneficial to moist your skins. They believed to make your skins smoother and glowing. Eating seaweeds also help to improve healthy nails and shiny hairs. Nowadays, seaweeds are being used by cosmetic factories to make beauty creams or lotions.
Besides those tree uses of fresh seaweeds, seaweed can also being used for traditional medicines to treat certain diseases. Moreover as the foods, seaweeds are already favorites in many top restaurants. For strict vegetarians, eating seaweeds can be very helpful since they contain plenty of nutrients and really simple to be cooked into salads, soups, stews, and many more.
Seaweed is a fantastic plant that grows in the water. However, you also need to know which seaweed is edible and safe to be consumed. In addition, seaweeds are high in sodium due to the salt water and thus you need to moderate the amount of your consumption when eating seaweeds. Furthermore, too much iodine is not good for your health as well so this is the many reasons of why you need to limit seaweed fresh consumption and other types of seaweed products including the dry one. Hopefully this information help you understand more about fresh seaweed.

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