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What is The Use of Seaweed for Human in Different Aspect?

You might question about what is the use of seaweed since this sea plant is not very common for you to have every day. Some of you might not ever saw the seaweed in its natural habitat since this plant is different from other plant which grows in land. The seaweed is actually grows in the sea, this is why the plant is also known as sea vegetable. The plant itself contains many kinds of nutrition which proven to the beneficial for human in a lot of ways. This is why; there are a lot of seaweed usages that you should know.

What is the use of seaweed and its benefits for human?
1.      Human food
The most common answer to the question about what is the use of seaweed is that this sea vegetable is useful as human food. This sea plant has many kinds of nutrition inside, which also known to be beneficial for human. That is why many people from different countries have consumed it as human food. Of course they also create different kinds of seaweed dishes as variation so they can consume it in different ways. But the most common seaweed food that you may already know is as sushi in Japan which you can easily found on Japanese restaurant. You may also found it as gimbap which sold on many Korean restaurants. Or you may also have heard about laver bread which is a common dish in the Wales.
2.      Cosmetic
What is the use of seaweed beyond consuming as food? As the nutrition inside the seaweed is beneficial for human, then people also try to use it in different ways beyond consuming it as food. You may already know that seaweed is often extracted then used inside cosmetic product. The reason is because the nutrition inside the seaweed is found to be beneficial for human skin, thus using it as cosmetic is a practice that has been done by many beautician and cosmetician. This usage of seaweed is actually pretty new, thus there are many other method that people in beauty industry can do to exploit the benefits of seaweed for human skin.
3.      Fertilizer
Turns out the nutrition inside the seaweed are not only useful for human but it is equally useful for other plant as well. This is why many industries try to use this seaweed as fertilizer for their crops to make it grows better by absorbing the nutrition inside the seaweed. Of course, this fertilizer is different from other fertilizer that can be mixed with heavy soil to fertilize it. The fertilizer which is made using seaweed is only use on light soil and spread lightly on the surface so the plant can absorb it easier and make it grow better.
4.      Medicine
What is the use of seaweed on human health? You should know that the nutrition inside the seaweed also promote human health. Thus it is actually very common to use seaweed as medicine. In Chinese medicine this practice is already done since thousands of years ago. However, in western country the usage of seaweed in medicine had only start recently. Nevertheless, the claims that the medicine which contains seaweed is able to cure many kinds of disease keep getting popular. Some of the diseases which is known to be treated with this medicine are influenza, tuberculosis, colds, arthritis and many others.
5.      Industrial gum
Because of the seaweed properties, this vegetable is often extracted to be used as industrial gum. This item itself is then used in many kinds of product to create many levels of viscosity that the industrial product has to have. There are three types of industrial gum or seaweed hydrocolloids that can be extracted from different type of seaweed which are agar, carrageenan and alginates. That industrial gum has unique viscosity and gelling which cannot be mimic using other type of industrial gum. That is why the usage of seaweed as this product is very important and cannot be replaced by other things.
Those are some the answer to your question about what is the use of seaweed, not that you already get those information, you should not doubt the benefits that this sea plant has. Furthermore you may also want to use it in the future.

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