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Seaweed Uses in Agriculture and Home Garden

Seaweed uses in agriculture to promote not only healthy growth but also to prevent diseases and pests so the quality of the products improved. Agriculture fertilizer can be made from seaweed extract which bring up important nutrients for the plants. In fact the use of seaweed has been conducted long ago since Roman times and the scientific benefits of using seaweed extracts for agriculture has been reported and reviewed already in the scientific publications. Anyway, seaweed extracts already delivering good improvement for the agriculture plants and their productivity and for further information; you can learn and understand more about seaweed uses in agriculture production below. 

About seaweed uses in agriculture and its nutrients for the plants
Reason to use seaweed extract
Why use seaweed as fertilizer or the soil? It is because soil or fertilizer is essential for the growth and a good soil ideally made from 50 percents of air and water plus 50 percents of solids and 90 percents of the solids should carry minerals while other 10 percents usually provide organic matters like decaying leaves. The crucial process in plant growth is that the space between the soils should allow the water and the air to reach the roots of the plants thus it can improve better quality of the products.
And the most important point is that plants which grow in the ocean waters rich in wide variety of minerals including selenium, iron, and cobalt. Ocean is not depleted of the minerals so the plants can absorb the minerals from the ocean waters about 50 to 60 percents including micronutrients. This quality alone becomes the major reason of why it is great to use seaweed as agriculture fertilizer or soil. For example, Japanese seaweed not only used for food source, but also seaweed uses in agriculture to make better products. The seaweed can particularly collect and accumulate the minerals from the ocean and then bring them into the fields.
Liquid seaweed extract
Liquid seaweed extracts made by manufacturing seaweed biomass with different methods. Liquid seaweed has been referred as plant tonic due to the high nutrients for plant growth. Seaweed will be collected from the ocean or the sea and nowadays, many types of liquid seaweed extracts can be purchased not only for agriculture but also for home garden. Many brands can be found from local seaweed products to imported products because seaweed uses in agriculture and home garden have been marketed commercially around the world.
Farm and home garden owners who live near coastal area love to harvest seaweeds on their own to use it as garden fertilizer. However, some countries have some rules regarding coastal environment protection and that’s why, if you want to harvest seaweed then it is better to check the rules before you harvest seaweed as the soil and follow the guides to protect the life of marine ecosystem. And when you want to harvest seaweed, take only what you need for the compost and because the sea vegetable is useful as a habitat for marine life and important erosion inhibitor, never harvest the seaweed from high tide line.
Composting seaweed for agriculture and home garden
There are many methods to use seaweed as fertilizer in both agriculture and homer garden besides purchasing seaweed extracts in the market. For example, you can directly composting seaweed into tea for the plants. Composting seaweed uses in agriculture and home garden as tea is one of the simple ways to give seaweed nutrition for the plant growth. To make compost tea, first you need to harvest some seaweed and then place handful of seaweed into a bucket and then fill with water or rain water. After that soak the seaweed in the water for 3 weeks straight for quicker time, although you can soak the seaweed from 3 weeks to a year. Do not forget to cover the bucket with loose lid.
The best thing about using compost tea made from the seaweed is that you can still reuse the fertilizer for several times with fresh water. Place the seaweed far from your house when you soak them since they tend to have very strong smell. If the liquid of the seaweed is too dark in color, you can dilute it by adding more water. Spray the liquid on the plants for the best seaweed uses in agriculture and home garden.

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