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7 Types of Seaweed Edible Healthy to Be Consumed

There are many types of seaweed species which can safely being consumed and the seaweed edible comes with wide range of variety including nori, kombu, dulse, wakame, and many more. Seaweed has been eaten for centuries especially by Asian people such as Japan, Korea, China, and many more. They can be eaten alone or mixed into various dishes like seaweed based culinary tradition. But today, seaweed getting more and more popular and they are now can be found in major supermarket or groceries thanks to many seaweed suppliers and manufacturers which produce and then sold the seaweed products domestically and internationally. Seaweed becomes one of the healthiest foods consumed in the world.

7 types of seaweed edible to be eaten with healthy benefits
Various varieties of seaweed edible are available in many stores. You can found them in organic food store, Asian supermarket, or major groceries and they are good to be consumed as part of healthy diet and alternative ingredients to integrate diet menu plan including for vegetable salads, soups, high protein but low calories snacks, and many more.
In addition, seaweeds are rich in numerous nutrition including minerals, vitamins, and protein. This is why seaweed also produced as supplements and used for traditional and modern medicine to cure certain diseases or illnesses. You can find seaweed in the form of tablets, powders, and super food. Anyway, here are the short guides of seven type of seaweed with healthy benefits which you can harvest or buy then consumed:
1.      Nori seaweed
The first type of seaweed edible is nori and of course it is the best known seaweed variety of all. The nori seaweed is rich in beta carotene and the most famous product is seaweed layer which harvested and then reduced to pulp before being dried and cut into strips that appear like thin paper usually used to wrap sushi. The nori seaweed has really delicious taste and they are can be eaten straightly as crispy snacks with many healthy benefits including to improve digestive system, boost immune system, and many more. It is better if you choose original nori seaweed that made without extra ingredients but salt and oil.
2.      Kombu seaweed
Kombu seaweed edible specifically recommended for make into vegetable soups since they are really easy to be consumed. Kombu is also easier to digest and thanks to the natural salty flavor, you can use less cooking salt when making the soup.
3.      Dulse seaweed
Dulse is a red alga mostly found in Pacific or Atlantic Ocean and coastal, moreover they are typically harvested during low tide from early summer to the fall season. Just like other types of seaweed, the dulse is edible and contains high quality iodine, calcium, and protein. Dulse usually sold as dried seaweed and so they are needed to be soaked first before added into vegetable salads as fresh seaweed.
4.      Agar-agar seaweed
Agar-agar is also known as kanten used as gelatine-thickener and they are mainly mixed in vegan dishes. Agar-agar is a seaweed edible low in calories and mostly sold in the form of powder or flake. Agar-agar will not alter the flavor of your foods when used in the right amount, furthermore if you mix about 5 gram of agar-agar with 1 liter of hot water, it can turn into gelatine as it cools.
5.      Wakame seaweed
Wakame is similar with kombu but with milder flavor and wakame is mostly used in Japanese miso soup. Although wakame has milder flavor but when added to the vegetable soup, they can enhance the taste of the dish. You can also use wakame by toss them into crunchy cukes or as dressing.
6.      Hijiki seaweed
When dried, the hijiki seaweed edible looks a lot like dried tea leaves. However, once they are hydrates, they can grow larger even three times from the original size. They can be mixed into various dishes especially salad or tossed in a pan then fry with cider vinegar and sesame oil.
7.      Arame seaweed
It is dark brown Japanese kelp that appears as long strands and has mild sweet flavor. It is one of the most versatile seaweeds with a lot of nutrition contents just like any other types of seaweed.
Those are types of seaweed edible which really great to be consumed into various dishes.

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