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Fact about Seaweed That You Probably Don’t Know Yet

When consumed, this marine plant or seaweed benefits for human body is really high. Fact about seaweed is that they are comes in different types and there are even about 10.000 kinds of seaweed worldwide. Seaweeds distinguished in three groups which are red, green, and brown. For centuries, seaweed is used or cooked as parts of traditional dishes from Korea, Japan, and China. But in recent years, the use of seaweed as part of dishes start to move to other countries like in the European cuisine and in the United States, some companies start to cultivate this marine plants as well.

Tropical countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, also like to eat seaweed particularly as salad components. In addition, with seaweed growing in popularity, now there are so easy to find seaweed especially in dried form. You can purchase them in grocery stores in many brands and you can eat them with steamed rice or other foods complement. If you are still curious about the plant that often being referred as ‘sea vegetables’ then read this fact about seaweed plants.

Fact about seaweed that you probably do not know yet
Here are top 7 facts about seaweed that you maybe do not know yet:
1.      Seaweed contains unique mineral substance
Seaweed is one of the best sources for mineral content since about 34 percent of dried seaweed comprises minerals. People who eating seaweed will get almost minerals required for human body such as trace minerals (iron, zinc, and chopper) and macro minerals (sodium, calcium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sulfur).
2.      Actually, seaweed is not exactly sea vegetable
Many people often referred or called seaweed as sea vegetables, but in fact this marine plant is clearly algae. The word vegetables usually used as marketing term to make it more appealing. Seaweed actually is the common name for various types of algae and marine plants found in ocean, lakes, rivers, and water bodies.
3.      Seaweed can be used as organic fertilizer
Because of the high mineral content in the seaweed, this algae often used as natural organic fertilizer in coastal town where the plants easy to be found and available. Even in centuries, it is used as fertilizer in Ireland potato farms and the documents show that the use of seaweed fertilizer can produce about twenty times more potatoes than farms which did not use similar method. As today, you can still buy seaweed fertilizer.
4.      Fact about seaweed may become the secret of Japanese hair
There is some suggestion that the long and thick black of Japanese hair is due to the people like to eat seaweed which in case, one particular type of seaweed called hijiki that resembles long black hair when it grows in the ocean. And since the algae contain high minerals such as zinc and iron, maybe that’s suggestion isn’t only a rumor or just an old-wise tale. Both zinc and iron promoting hair growth, hair follicle health, and improve long locks.
5.      Fact about seaweed as foods, it can be eaten as delicious snacks
Nori has been pressed into sheet as dried seaweed since long ago and nowadays, they are more popular as tasty snack food. You can even use nori to roll rice, vegetables, and other filling you like with nori sheets. However, you can eat them plain as well and in the market, there are mini seaweed sheets with different flavors such as wasabi, chipotle, and onion. They are super delicious, low in calories, and highly nutritious. They are come in packages and easy to be found.
6.      Seaweed can be used as vegan dessert
Seaweed is not only can be used as snack food, but a type of seaweed namely agar-agar is often used as thickeners in soups, desserts, and sauces. The best thing about agar-agar is that unlike fish, they come without odor, calories, and taste so they are great alternative for cornstarch, gelatin, and other types of thickeners.
7.      Seaweed can be used against bean bloat
To make the beans more digestible, you can enjoy them by cook the beans with seaweed kombu. By using this method, the beans less likely cause bloat. Soak the beans in water overnight and in the morning drain them. Place to another pot fill it with fresh water and boil them then add about 4 to 6 piece of kombu. When you are done, discard the kombu and if there is any small kombu left that break, you can simply eat them together with the beans, it is okay.
Those are fact about seaweed and by reading above information, you finally understand more about this amazing sea plants.

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