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Benefits of Seaweed Salad from the Nutrient Contents

People have been eating seaweed for centuries to get the high nutritious content and some of them prepared to eat seaweed as salad. The benefits of seaweed salad or any type of seaweeds are plentiful and really good for health. Of course seaweed is also available in supplement form but the best way to eat seaweed if not eat them alone as snack; you can also eat them as delicious vegetable salads. Although seaweed salad is probably less healthy than you eat plain salad especially if you add extra sugar and salt, but it can still provide various nutrition. You may learn what the advantages of seaweed salad are by read this information below.

What are the benefits of seaweed salad?
The most common type used to make seaweed salad is brown seaweed or wakame. The seaweed can be mixed with other ingredients such as red pepper flakes, mushrooms, and vinegar while agar is sometime added to give some texture. Some manufacturers also like to add corn syrup, soy sauce, apple, garlic, cilantro, and different dyes to make the salads more colorful. Nutrition in pre-packaged seaweed salad is around:
-          50 milligrams of calcium
-          10 grams of carbohydrates
-          70 calories
-          1 gram of protein
-          40 grams of fat
Healthy benefits of seaweed salad come in the minerals and vitamins content and it is a great choice for dietary plan since you can get various nutrients with low calories and fats. Below are the benefits of eating seaweed salad:
1.      Weight control
We already mentioned that seaweed is low in calories especially if you eat plan seaweed. The basic rule for weight loss diet is simple, you just need to eat less calories while burn more of them. That’s why if you want to loss extra fats fast then you can mix seaweed in your dietary plan. Beside it is low in calories, just 106 calories per serving, seaweed salad is also high in nutrition to boost body metabolism and prevent the calories stored in your body as fat.
2.      Calcium
Benefits of seaweed salad comes in the form of calcium content and every day, you need to make sure that you get enough calcium intake since it is an essential mineral for your healthy bones and teeth. Most of the calcium you get will go to both bones and teeth and small amount of calcium support nervous system and contraction of the muscles as well. About 6 percents of recommended calcium intake can be gained if you eat 60 mg of either wakame or kelp.
3.      Vitamin K
Seaweed is abundant in vitamin K, a fat soluble nutrient. Benefits of seaweed salad wakame can enhance immune system since it helps to prevent further bleeding when you are injured. Recommended daily intake of vitamin K for men is 120 micrograms and for women is 90 micrograms and with just 1 cup of seaweed, it already give about 29 to 22 percents of daily recommended intake of Vitamin K. However, please take a note that the amount of vitamin K is different from one type of seaweed to another. For example, spirulina contain more vitamin K than wakame.
4.      Help to maintain healthy digestion
Seaweed is high in fiber and so the benefits of seaweed salad are really great to our digestion. It helps to slow down the digestion thus make us feel fuller for longer time, nice for weight loss diet. Moreover, some studies also reported that eating seaweed can increase good bacteria in the gut and it strengthen gut mucus which protect the gut wall.
When you eat salad, despite those benefits of seaweed salad, you still need to watch over the sodium content. Because each serving of seaweed contain high amount of sodium which is about 691 milligrams of sodium and thus add less extra ingredients contain high sodium like soy sauce with low sodium soy sauce or you can also reduce the amount of soy sauce you added.
Benefits of seaweed salad that low in calories but full of nutrition are best choice for diets. But, for those who cannot enjoy seaweed in the form of salad, there are still many ways to eat seaweeds either alone or mixed with other ingredients. Consult the experts about other forms of seaweeds food.

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