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Seaweed Nutrition Iodine Recommended Usage Method Information

You might want to know more about seaweed nutrition iodine content as it is one of the content that is uniquely have by this sea vegetable. The seaweed is a plant which grows inside the sea that is why it naturally contains iodine. That is also why a lot of people getting recommendation to consumed seaweed to fulfill their daily iodine needs. Furthermore seaweed has other nutrition which is beneficial for human body. Nevertheless iodine is one of the largest nutrition content that seaweed has, which make it unique on its own. This is why you should be more informed about the iodine content inside the seaweed which you can make use of for your health.

Seaweed nutrition iodine information to learn
The iodine content inside seaweed is actually very large and there are many kinds of seaweed product that you can consume to get seaweed nutrition iodine. That is why; you can choose different type of seaweed product to consume in order to fulfill your daily iodine needs. The lowest iodine content can be found inside the nori seaweed product. One gram of this nori seaweed product contains around 12 microgram of iodine. That is why; you can easily fulfill your daily iodine need by consuming only 9 gram of this nori seaweed product.
But then the highest iodine content can be found inside the kombu seaweed. One gram of this kombu seaweed contains around 2660 microgram of iodine at the highest estimation. That is why: even when you only consume 9 gram of this kombu seaweed, you will already over consuming the daily iodine needs around 240 times. You should also know that tolerable highest limit of iodine consumption is as much as 800%.
Even though seaweed nutrition iodine is not actually lethal, and the toxicity of the iodine itself is still depended on the thyroid disorders. However, consuming very high iodine content in your food will suppress the thyroid function very strongly, and when it is done in long term then eventually it can develop into goiter.
Actually there are many kinds of seaweed that you can consume whether as a seaweed product or as it is. But the most common seaweed which consumed is the kombu seaweed, wakame seaweed as well as nori seaweed product. Among those seaweed which commonly consumed, the nori seaweed product is contains the least iodine, thus according to seaweed nutrition iodine it has the least risk on your health. For wakame seaweed, it contains higher iodine level, thus it is still alright to be consumed moderately, but consumption beyond 20 gram of this seaweed in a long time will eventually develop some issue you do not want to get. Furthermore, the kombu seaweed which contains very high iodine level, should be consumed cautiously since it has higher risk on developing the issue.
However, because of that seaweed nutrition iodine information that does not mean you should avoid consuming kombu all together since you can still consume it with the correct method. The method that you can use is the heating method which you can use to boil the seaweed for around 15 to 30 minute. With this method, the iodine content inside the seaweed will reduced significantly. The iodine will be released into the water as well as turn into gas since it is the iodine natural form.
Then by using this method will be able to remove around 99% of the iodine content inside the seaweed. Thus it will be safer for you to consume kombu using this method. Because there are high level of iodine content is lost from the heating method, then seaweed product which already being process or going through other cooking treatment, will not carry high amount of iodine content. But the same risk will still available in raw seaweed product such as kelp.
Some seaweed which originates from New England also contains arsenic which is very dangerous for your body. But using the same heating method will be able to remove the arsenic content inside the seaweed.
With that seaweed nutrition iodine information, you surely already know about the usage of this nutrition as well as the risk and how to avoid the risk all together. Now you can be relax and consume the seaweed easily after getting the correct information.

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