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Seaweed Nutrition Facts with Beneficial Information

If you know several seaweed nutrition facts, then you will surely include this healthy sea vegetable in your meal. Especially since seaweed is known as a good source for several nutrition which available in high level inside this sea vegetable. Sadly not many westerners are eating enough amount of the seaweed since it is quite new food item in the western country. However, it has been consumed for thousands of years in the Asian countries since they already know about the nutrition facts that the seaweed has. That is why, they already earn the benefits from eating this sea vegetable.

Seaweed nutrition facts that you should know
Actually thousands kinds of seaweed are available in this world, however only tens of them are consumed by people. Some of the most common kinds of seaweed being consumed are the kombu and wakame which comes from brown type seaweed, as well as dulse and nori which comes from red type seaweed. And because of the rising popularity of this sea vegetable in the western country, it is often considered as the new kale which can be used with different kinds of dishes. This is why; you can often see this sea vegetable in many restaurants all over the world.
Seaweed nutrition facts common usage had actually started since 1500 bce where on Ebers Papyrus this sea vegetable is said to be used as natural cure for tumors. In Chinese traditional medicine, the seaweed is also used as remedies for many kinds of disease including infection on the urinary tract and goiter. Even in the current modern medical era, the usage of seaweed is still research since it shows huge potential in the medical usage. One example is on the finding of fucoidans which is a type of polysaccharide inside the seaweed which shows antiviral activity which can encourage the death of colon cancer cells in human. Furthermore a study in human shows that this sea vegetable is able to decrease the sugar absorption rate right after the consumption.
Different kinds of seaweed contains different amount of protein, and the red seaweed type has the highest amount among all. That can come up to around 50 gram for 3.5 ounce of red seaweed type. Furthermore, there are many kinds of vitamins inside this sea vegetable such as vitamin D, C, B and E. There is also carotenoids which is a type of vitamin A. the seaweed is a vegetable, thus it is the same as other vegetable that also contain vitamin K. Many kinds of minerals are also available inside the seaweed such as iron, calcium, copper, potassium and magnesium. Most unique mineral that all seaweed has is the iodine which is available in high level especially inside the brown seaweed type.
Other seaweed nutrition facts, that many people love is the fact that the seaweed contains high amount of fiber. Furthermore the fiber itself is the soluble fiber which is very useful to make you feel fuller in longer duration. This fiber is also useful to reduce the LDL cholesterol which is the bad for your body. On every 3.5 oz of dulse type of seaweed contains around 5 gram fiber which most of them are soluble, then on the kombu type of seaweed contains around 6 gram fiber which almost all of them are soluble.
A type of fiber inside the seaweed which is alginate is known to block the fat absorption on your digestive tract as well as useable on heartburn treatment. Furthermore this sea vegetable also contains different types of polysaccharides such as carrageenans, agar, and many others. Those substances are very usable as fiber as well as prebiotic that is very beneficial for the bacteria inside large intestine.
Even though the seaweed only contains very little fat, but a lot of seaweed contains high amount of omega 3 for both ALA as well as EPA type. While some of the seaweed also contains DHA. Furthermore seaweed also contains high amount of antioxidant in the form of vitamin E and C as well as phytochemicals in the form of fucoxanthin, and polyphenols which is some types of carotenoid.
With many seaweed nutrition facts that you already know from our information here, surely you want to add more seaweed in your meal to get the benefits.

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